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2014.11.19 Skrevet af Oskars
Working with Karin and Magnus was life changing experience. I never became singer or professional performer, but I use the skills they taught me every day, either it is voice warming before presentation, how to feel the stage in big conferences or if just a couple of colleagues are watching you.

Oscars Tuns, software developer at Scandiweb. Based in Riga and Tbilisi
2014.11.19 Skrevet af Suzanne Dekker
I had classes from Karin, Magnus and Henning in 2011, and I still profit from the skills they taught me in my work and life today. Although, their approach is so personal that the term "skills" hardly does justice to what you walk away with in the end. All through their own specialty, they thought me how to be conscious about my body and voice - and about my talent and strong points as an artist, professional and as a person. They all know how to give you the tools you need to grow further in what you like to develop.

Suzanne Dekker studies Interdisciplinary Arts in Maastricht (NE).

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